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9.B.335.  The Putative Integral Membrane Chaperone Protein (IMCP) Family 

Two very distant subfamilies within this family, the proteins listed under 9.B.135.1 and 9.B.135.2) appear to be homologous throughout their lengths, except that the latter has a C-terminal hydrophlic extension of about 100 - 150 residues that is lacking in the former.  This C-terminal domain is homolgous to the C-terminal extensions in two MFS porters (TC# 2.A.1.89.1 and 2.A.1.89.2; BLAST scores of e-11) but the functions of these domains are not known.  The proteins of this family also seem to be distantly related to the putative chaparone proteins of ABC transporters listed in TC family 9.B.29, one of which is listed unter TC# 9.B.29.2.7. This was the basis for the suggested name of the family.