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9.b.346.  The Uncharacterized Archaeal 4 or 6 TMS Protein (UA4,6P) Family 

The UA4,6P family consists of proteins largely from Lokiarchaeota.  These proteins can have either 4 or 6 TMSs. There are 3 distantly related subfamilies, subfamilies 1 - 3, and especially subfamily 2 appears to be related to TC families 9.B.183, 9.B.225, and 9.B.142, all of which are glycosyl transferases including the DUF2029 domain-containing proteins, functionally characterized members of which have been shown to be glycosyl transferases.  These enzymes are larger than the proteins included in TC family 9.B.346 with 8 - 10 TMSs.  Protein 9.B.346.2.2 is annotated as a DUF2029 protein in the NCBI protein database.