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9.B.347.  The DUF2085 Domain-containing Protein (DUF2085) Family 

The DUF 2085 proteins are usually smal 4 TMS proteins of about 140 - 160 aas without hydrophilic regions, but members can have 2,  3 or 5 TMSs. The smaller proteins may be fragments, and the 5 TMS proteins have a small hydrophobic peak at their N-termini followed by the 2 + 2 TMS pattern. The dominant 4 TMSs often occur in a 2 + 2 TMS arrangement and may contain a duplication of the basic 2 TMS segment. However others have 4 TMSs in a 1 + 3 TMS arrangement.  These proteins show limited sequence similarity with the transmembrane domain of HDIG domain-containing hydrolases of TC family 9.B.28.