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9.B.73 The Chloroplast Envelope/Cyanobacterial Membrane Protein (CemA) Family

The CemA family may be involved in H+ extrusion and thereby indirectly promote HCO3- or CO2 uptake into chloroplasts (Rolland et al., 1997). Ycf10 of C. reinhardtii resembles CotA of the cyanobacterium. Synechocystis (440 aas) involved to CO2 uptake and H+ extrusion. It shows limited sequence similarity with CorC (9.B.37.2.1). Both proteins exhibit 4 or 5 putative TMSs, but CorC has them at the N-terminus of a 410 aa protein while Ycf10 has 3 at its C-terminus.

References associated with 9.B.73 family:

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