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1.B.43 The Coxiella Porin P1 (CPP1) Family

Coxiella burnetii is the etiological agent of Q fever, an obligate intracellular Gram-negative γ-proteobacterium. It lives (1) in the phagolysosome and (2) extracellularly and has a cell cycle involving large cell variants (LCV), small cell variants (SCV) and small dense cells (SDC) (Coleman et al., 2004). The major outer membrane protein (MOMP or P1) is expressed in LCVs, down-regulated in SCV and not at all in SDC (Varghees et al., 2002). The purified detergent-extracted protein has porin activity in planar lipid bilayers (Varghees et al., 2002). It consists largely of β-structure.

The reaction catalyzed by porin P1 is:

small molecule (out) small molecule (periplasm)

References associated with 1.B.43 family:

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