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2.B.93.  The Trasferrin-mediated Heptapeptide-decorated Nanodrug (THN) Family

Transferrin (Tf) can promote the cellular transmembrane uptake of HAIYPRH (T7) peptide-conjugated nano-drugs. Zhang et al. 2023 demonstrated and confirmed the enhancing effect of Tf on HAIYPRH (T7)-decorated nano-drug transport. 

References associated with 2.B.93 family:

Zhang, X., M. Shan, S. Li, J. Zhao, X. Pang, G. Yang, and Y. Shan. (2023). Investigating the trans-membrane transport of HAIYPRH peptide-decorated nano-drugs. Phys Chem Chem Phys 25: 9766-9771. 36946095