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12 component system: The Type IV (Conjugal DNA-Protein Transfer or VirB) Secretory Pathway (IVSP) Family

P05351 VirB2 aka VIB2
P05356 VirB6 aka VIB6
P05357 VirB8 aka VIB8
P05359 VirB10 aka VIBX
P0A3F8 VirB11 aka VIB11
P0A3V8 VirB3 aka VIB3
P0A3W0 VirB4 aka VIB4
P0A3W2 VirB5 aka VIB5
P0A3W4 VirB7 aka VIB7
P0A3W6 VirB9 aka VIB9
P13464 VirD4
Q44360 TraG