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8.A.101.  The TMEM263 (TMEM263) Family 

The transmembrane protein 263 (TMEM 263) is an interaction partners of both native Slick (TC# 1.A.1.3.6) and Slack (TC# 1.A.1.3.4) channels which also form hetero-oligomeric channels (Rizzi et al. 2015).

References associated with 8.A.101 family:

Rizzi, S., C. Schwarzer, L. Kremser, H.H. Lindner, and H.G. Knaus. (2015). Identification of potential novel interaction partners of the sodium-activated potassium channels Slick and Slack in mouse brain. Biochem Biophys Rep 4: 291-298. 29124216