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9.B.111 The 6 TMS Lysyl tRNA Synthetase (LysS) Family

Lysyl-tRNA synthetases are highly conserved enzymes that function in mRNA translation (Motzik et al. 2013). These synthetases have gained several functions in addition to protein synthesis, playing roles in HIV replication, cytokine-like signaling, and transport of proteins (Motzik et al. 2013). Some of them are around 600 aas in length and possess a hydrophobic N-terminal domain (Pfam: PF16995) with 6-7 putative TMSs in addition to an uncharacterized hydrophilic domain at their C-termini (Pfam: PF09924). 

This family belongs to the: Major Facilitator (MFS) Superfamily.

References associated with 9.B.111 family:

Motzik, A., H. Nechushtan, S.Y. Foo, and E. Razin. (2013). Non-canonical roles of lysyl-tRNA synthetase in health and disease. Trends Mol Med 19: 726-731. 23972532