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9.B.311  The 6-7 TMS TRAM/LAG (TRAM/LAG) Family 

This family is a large diverse family of proteins most frequently with about 220 - 300 aas and usually 6 or 7 TMSs, but variants occur, particularly larger homologues.  They are found in many eukaryotes including animals, plants and fungi as well as lower eukaryotes, but they do not appear to occur in prokaryotes. TRAMs are sphingolipid-binding proteins (Zimmerli et al. 2021).

The family includes members of diverse function and has been given many different names including Calfacilitin ( a modulator of Ca2+ L-type CAV1.2 channel function), CLN8, Ceremide synthase, Sphingosine N-acyl transferase, TRAM/LAG1/CLN8-like, TLC-domain-containing protein, LAG1 longevity assurance protein, Fam57A, TMM57A, Fam56, 56B, 56C, 56X1, TMM56B, TMEM56C. TMEM56X1, TMM136 and DUF887.  The name of the family used in TCDB refers to two domains in these proteins, the TRAM and the LAG domains.

References associated with 9.B.311 family:

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