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9.B.360.  The Autism-related TMEM187 (TMEM187) Family 

The human TMEM187 gene is expressed in the brain and interacts with four known autism spectrum disease (ASD) genes, namely, HCFC1; TMLHE; MECP2; and GPHN (Rafi et al. 2019). TMM187 is in linkage with MECP2, which is a well-known determinant of brain structure and size and is a well-known autism gene. Other members of the TMEM gene family, TMEM132E and TMEM132D genes are associated with bipolar and panic disorders, respectively, while TMEM231 is a known syndromic autism gene. Together, TMEM187 and SYTL4 genes directly interact with recognized important ASD genes, and their mRNAs are found in extracellular vesicles in the nervous system and stimulate target cells to translate into active protein (Rafi et al. 2019). Homologues may have 8 or 4 or possibly 2 TMSs.

References associated with 9.B.360 family:

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