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9.B.436.  The Plasmodium Plasma Membrane Resident Transporter 1 (PMRT1) Family 

The plasma membrane resident transporter 1 (PMRT1; PF3D7_1135300), a unique Plasmodium-specific plasma membrane transporter is essential for gametocytogenesis and functionally conserved within the genus Plasmodium (Wichers et al. 2022).

References associated with 9.B.436 family:

Wichers, J.S., P. Mesén-Ramírez, G. Fuchs, J. Yu-Strzelczyk, J. Stäcker, H. von Thien, A. Alder, I. Henshall, B. Liffner, G. Nagel, C. Löw, D. Wilson, T. Spielmann, S. Gao, T.W. Gilberger, A. Bachmann, and J. Strauss. (2022). PMRT1, a -Specific Parasite Plasma Membrane Transporter, Is Essential for Asexual and Sexual Blood Stage Development. mBio 13: e0062322. 35404116