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9.B.75 The Ethanol Utilization/Transport (Eut) Protein Family

This family includes several proteins of various lengths that have been implicated in ethanol metabolism. One of these is EutQ (233 aas; pfam06249; COG4766), annotated as being involved in ethanol utilization. It is an aceetate kinase, not a transporter (Moore and Escalante-Semerena 2016). This family may include Cupin2 of Burkholderia phymatum (147 aas; gi#11827465), WhiEII of Streptomyces coelicolor (157 aas; P23157) concerned with pigmentation, and Orf116 of Arthobacter nicotinovorans (116 aas), but these proteins are distanly related to each other if at all.  Homology has not been established, and none of them may have TMSs.



References associated with 9.B.75 family:

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