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1.C.137.  The Bacterial Gasdermin (B-Gas) Family 

It is the precursor of a pore-forming protein involved in defense against bacteriophages. Expression of bGSDM and the neighboring protease gene (Ga0098714_109514) is toxic in E. coli on solid medium (Johnson et al. 2022). Cleavage of this precursor by its dedicated protease releases the active moiety (gasdermin bGSDM, N-terminus), which inserts into membranes, forming pores and triggering cell death

This family belongs to the: Gasdermin Superfamily.

References associated with 1.C.137 family:

Johnson, A.G., T. Wein, M.L. Mayer, B. Duncan-Lowey, E. Yirmiya, Y. Oppenheimer-Shaanan, G. Amitai, R. Sorek, and P.J. Kranzusch. (2022). Bacterial gasdermins reveal an ancient mechanism of cell death. Science 375: 221-225. 35025633