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8.A.132. The Interferon/Interleukin Receptor (IIR) Family 

Interferon and interleukin receptors are thought to have evolved from a common ancestor in the early jawed vertebrates (Secombes and Zou 2017). The Supressor of Lurcher 1, SOL1 (TC# 8.A.132.1.1), of 557 aas and 2 TMSs, one N-terminal and one C-terminal, is a homolog of these receptors. SOL1 proteins regulate ionotropic glutamate receptor desensitization (Walker et al. 2006). SOL1 is an accessory protein requlred for glutamate-gated currents by Glr-1 (Zheng et al. 2004). This protein has an internal duplication and belongs to the FN3 superfamily.

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